Swinging 101

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The swinging lifestyle is cloaked in mystery and secrecy, with many people having misconceptions and out of date beliefs about people who choose to live the lifestyle. The truth is that the swinging lifestyle has established rules and precedents to keep everyone happy, and many long term couples engage in the lifestyle without issues or incidents. Some couples even believe that engaging in swinging together is a key to having a healthy long term relationship.

Here is a basic overview of what the swinging lifestyle means and involves for those who engage in it.

What is swinging?

Swinging is a recreational lifestyle where couples engage in sexual activities with other couples. This does not necessarily mean that every couple will engage in intercourse with another pair of partners. Some swingers prefer to watch other couples, others only engage in foreplay with new partners, while others choose to engage in full sexual activity. Swingers usually attend parties where the activity takes place, or visit a club that is intended as a safe space for swinging couples to socialize and meet.

Swinging is a choice couples make together

Many misconceptions about the swinging lifestyle start with the idea that couples swing because one member of the couple is unsatisfied, has a wandering eye or is unhappy. The truth is that many couples swing for different reasons, but it is never because only one person wants to. Swingers discuss preferences, limits and boundaries in advance of engaging in any activity. This helps to keep everyone happy and avoids any issues in the future.

Swinging is a safe practice with responsible participants

Another misconception that some people have is that swinging is a risky practice where people sleep with strangers. The truth is that many of the couples who regularly engage in swinging are responsible people with jobs and roles in the community. Most swingers choose to engage in swinging in a neutral location to avoid any issues with one party overstaying their welcome. Most major cities have swingers clubs that will vet members to make sure they are a good fit for the club, with some even providing STD testing and protection.

Swinging is not a free for all

Yet another misconception is that swinging parties are out of control with people simply walking up to each other and getting down to erotic activity. But before any activity can begin, talking is a vital part of the process. Swinging is a consent based activity, so before any type of activity begins, its customary for both couples to discuss what they are comfortable with. Either couple is free to say no if they do not feel that that it is a good match.

The best way to learn more about swinging is to do research, including looking online to find out more about local clubs and talking to other couples that have engaged in swinging to get a clear picture about what to expect.