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If you and your partner (or partners!) are ready to take your intimacy to the next level, then maybe it’s time to do something you haven’t thought about before: Swap out your partner. Swinging can be an exciting opportunity to grow together, not to mention have an adventure. Don’t know where to find swingers? Don’t worry. It’s easier than you think.


Swinging, which is also called husband, wife or partner swapping, is when people in a relationship agree to sleep with another couple, either altogether by combining partners, or one on one by temporarily trading partners.

There are countless ways to find other swingers. For example, you could trade partners with a friend for the night, hand in your keys at a key party or even pick up strangers at a bar. You can swing with your partner just once, or you can commit to it as a lifestyle. Consider joining a vibrant, open swingers community—or, if you prefer, keep it clandestine. Plan each swinging encounter for months beforehand or fly by the seat of your pants when the opportunity arises. All that matters is that you and everyone involved are on the same page about what you want. After that, there are no limits!


Look to your friends.

Unless you and your friends talk about your sexual lives regularly, you might think that you and your partner are alone in your desire to try swinging. However, if it’s crossed your mind, then it’s probably crossed your friends’ minds as well.

When you’re figuring out how to find swinger couples, the benefits of choosing your friends are numerous. For starters, you know them well, which means that they can provide a safe and comfortable introduction to this new world; you all can grow together, trying new things in a familiar environment. As long as you, your partner and your friends maintain honest communication, swinging may bring you all closer together emotionally even if you decide to stop pursuing anything physical with each other.

Where to start: Test the waters by casually bringing up swinging and sexual openness in a conversation with your friends. You may be surprised by the response.

Sign up for swinger dating sites.

If you and your partner would prefer to search outside of your circle of friends—or even outside of your city—then look to the internet to link up with other open-minded individuals and find swingers online.

Where to start: To find swingers near you set up an account on one of the numerous resources, from the newest apps, or old fashioned websites like Adult Friend Finder, Spicy Match, Swap Finder, or Open-Minded. Create a profile with your partner and start browsing for your future match.

Login to swinger apps.

Swing on the go by downloading a few handy swinger finder apps to your partner’s phone. A fun couple’s activity is to swipe through potential couples with your partner and see what you both like.

Attend local swinger meetups.

Thanks to platforms like MeetUp and even the Events section of Facebook, you can often find dozens (or hundreds!) of swingers near you. Many of the events advertised online are laid-back events where couples can mingle in a friendly and open environment, getting to know each other without the pressure of sex. These groups are useful for more than just finding couples to swing with; you can chat with members to test the waters of the swinging community, make friends (or more than friends) who are new to the lifestyle and seek mentorship from pros who have been around the block a few times.

Book a ticket for a swinger vacation.

Your next vacation could include warm sands, cold drinks…and an adventure. Take your swinging on the road by signing up for a vacation for sexually open-minded people. Whether you’ve been swinging for a while or whether you’re just itching to try something new when you and your partner are away from home, these vacations are a great way to make fast friends and long-lasting memories.

Join a swingers’ club.

Swinging can be more than a one-time thrill. It can be part of a community—a lifestyle. Because of this, many cities have designated clubs and associations for people who are interested in partner swapping. These clubs organize safe, confidential gatherings for like-minded couples in your area, bringing together such a wide range of people that you’ll no longer have to wonder where to find swinger couples.

Where to start: Search for a swingers’ club in your area, then reach out to the organizer to ask about the membership process.

RSVP to a swinger party.

The most famous type of swinger party is the key party, where willing participants toss their house or car keys into a hat and head home with whoever happens to pick out their key. While the spontaneity of these parties can be thrilling, key parties aren’t the only way to find other swingers. For example, see if a local club is hosting an upscale soiree where you can mingle without the pressure of immediate sex. Or if you’re a bit more spontaneous, search for a sex party in your area, where couples can group together or pair off in available bedrooms for a quick adventure.

Where to start: Search online for a swinger party near you or inquire about upcoming events at your local swingers’ club.

Start your own gathering.

Where can you meet swingers? In your own backyard! If your city doesn’t have a designated swingers’ clubs or organization, then it may be time to roll up your sleeves, pour a glass of fine red wine and start your own. It isn’t hard—all you need is an adventurous spirit and a collection of open-minded people whom you trust. If you enjoy being in control, then starting your own swinger gathering is perfect for you; you can control who comes, determine the atmosphere and make sure that the environment is welcoming and safe.

Where to start: Start small. You don’t need to run Manhattan’s largest swinger party right away. Instead, look your closest circle of friends and to couples you meet online, and build out naturally from there.

Ready to swing?

Swinging is an adventurous way to spice up your relationship with your partner. Whether you’re swinging with your best friend and his husband, with strangers in international waters or at an upscale swingers’ club soiree, remember to keep an open mind. You never know who you’re going to meet!