Long-Term Butt Plug Use: The Downsides of Keeping it in All Day

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A butt plug is a sexual toy, used both to stimulate and to dilate the anal orifice and to train the muscles of which it is composed. There are many types made of different materials and in various sizes, ideal to satisfy every desire and need.

What good is a butt plug?

A butt plug is a special type of erotic toy, created specifically to be positioned in the anus, in order to provoke intense sexual stimulation. The anal plug is, in fact, a sex toy that allows those who use it to gently dilate their anus in order to make anal intercourse less painful and at the same time to try a new and exciting erotic game that will stimulate all nerve endings, both internal and external. It can be used both alone and in company, both for a different intense masturbation and for experimenting with unusual and extraordinarily pleasant couple foreplay. It can also be used to reach and find that famous L point to open the gates of anal orgasm. That’s why the butt plug is so loved by many men as well.

An erotic game for men and women: anal pleasure has no sex.

The butt plug can be used for stimulation of both female and male anus. It is usually used to prepare the rectum for anal intercourse by both men and women of any sexual orientation, but it is also ideal to be used alone for a pleasant and intense masturbation.

What is the difference between butt plug and anal dildo?

The difference between butt plug and dildo is, usually, to the extent in the form and purpose of use. The first difference lies in the fact that the dildos are sex toys designed for repeated anal penetrations, while the butt plugs are designed to be inserted and maintained for some time inside the anus. Another difference is that the butt plugs are shorter and have a shape that allows them, once inserted in the anal orifice, to remain firm inside the anus thanks to small fins sometimes even a base much more impose respect to the plug that also avoid dangerous internal slipping. For those who love to wear the plug, there are commercially available sealing belts that protect against the opposite problem: the leakage during the day.

The Different Models of Anal Plugs and Materials

Of butt plug there are really of every type and material: on the market there are many to choose according to your needs. Among the most used materials we find metal, marble, stone, wood, neoprene and medical silicone. As for the models, we find a wide range: some butt plugs have a vibrator with external remote control, designed to experience a twice as strong pleasure. Others have a wavy surface or “pearls” (anal beads), created for a slow and intense extraction. There are also inflatable anal plugs equipped with an air pump, which after insertion can be inflated until reaching the desired diameter. Among the other models of butt plug we also find flexible anal plugs, butt plug with final crease designed for a deep penetration of the rectum, and butt plug with cat or dog tail attached to the extremity.

How to use the butt plug?

The anal plug is designed to be used every day, even in non-sexual settings: it can be worn to go out, to go to work and to carry out all normal daily activities. The anal plug should be inserted into the rectum with a slight push. To accompany the insertion it is advisable to use a lubricant that facilitates its application. Initially it can cause an initial discomfort, but the sensation of pain tends to disappear after a while. To ensure the effectiveness of the butt plug is necessary that the penetrations are slow and constant, starting with a small anal plug and slowly and progressively increasing the size. But the main query is how long can you keep butt plug in. Can you wear it all day? At work? While you sleep?

Prices of a Plug: for all Budgets

The prices of butt plugs depend, of course, on the size of the erotic object and the type of material chosen. Prices range from 5 dollars for small plugs made of silicone and reach the most elaborate models, such as those equipped with a vibrating motor, for 140-150 dollars. Online purchase is recommended, as price savings are noticeable compared to traditional sex shops.

Butt Plugs are sex toys for stimulation and anal dilatation much loved because versatile and well adaptable to different needs.

They can be used by those who love prolonged anal stimulation, as they can be inserted without removing them as long as desired: they can be worn while doing chores at home, commissions in the city, or during sex.

And this is precisely the preferred and primary use of anal plugs: prepare the orifice for penetration or simply stimulate it during foreplay.

The characteristic “plug” shape of the Butt Plug , with a thin tip, a main body that gradually widens, and a base to hold it firmly in place, ensures easy penetration and the possibility to choose the depth of the same.

Anal Plugs can be made with the most diverse materials but always safe for the body, and the possibility of choice ranges between the soft and velvety Silicone Plugs, to those made of harder and often materials such as glass or metal.

In addition, the base can be simple and essential, decorated with rhinestones and diamonds, or with fox or rabbit tails to satisfy role-playing lovers. Following the trilogy of Fifty Shades, these sex toys are back in the limelight on the shelves of sexy shops , but let’s see together what exactly they are used for and how they are used. So what are you waiting for? Buy now at Loveplugs!

What is a Butt Plug?

The Anal Plug is not born as a real Sex Toy, but as an object of anal dilation, preparatory for penetration. Its shape makes possible the gradual dilatation of the anus and facilitates anal intercourse. The longer you use or wear an anal plug, the more you get used to the penetration; and a relaxed body, not contracted, and used to this practice, causes the experience of anal sex to be more intense and pleasant.

How to use it

First of all, it must be said that the difficulty of inserting an Anal Plug varies from person to person. Some people are much more relaxed and “elastic” than others so, even if you are excited, take your time; you are not participating in a race!

Massage the orifice using all the necessary anal lubricant and insert a little bit into the anus with the help of the fingers before inserting the plug. Now go to the introduction of the plug gently, turning the sex toy with an increasingly large movement to dilate the muscle. For many, this practice is already enjoyable and exciting, without the need for complete insertion from the first time. If you’re still confused on the proper usage of butt plugs, click here. You can also visit love plugs facebook page for community shared ideas and experienced about butt plugs.

Feeling a bit of discomfort, especially the first few times, is normal, but if you should feel sorry stop, clean your Anal Plug with some neutral soap or a toy cleaner, and try again the next day. Nothing is more simple and pleasant, therefore. But always keep in mind the rules to follow and those to avoid.