Everything you need to know about auto-masturbators

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Looking to rub one out? That’s great and all, but doesn’t manual work feel boring after all these years? No worries — our article aims to explore the wicked world of automatic masturbators! Check it out.

What is an automatic masturbator?

Just like their name says, auto-masturbators are sex toys that provide their user with automatic masturbation. Moreover, they can make you feel like you’re having vaginal, anal, or even oral sex while still being all by yourself. In other words, auto-masturbators are high-tech adult gadgets that every lonesome guy needs.

The inside of this contraption is carefully crafted with velvet-like materials that replicate the feeling of penetrating another person. Depending on the model, you can enjoy all three naughty holes your girl has to offer. You don’t need to do a thing after you place your penis inside since the toy makes all the motions — up and down, left and right.

The texture inside provides all those things your palms simply can’t. But how so? Well, fancy masturbator toys even have heaters, so you feel the warmth that’s similar to that of the mouth, vagina, or anus. Not only do they have various modes and intensities, but they’re also super easy to clean. In our book, that’s a big plus.

The inside of the toy is similar to a pocket pussy since it can stimulate all those nerve endings your hands simply can’t. Some people use it to temporarily treat their erectile dysfunction, whilst others just want to rest their hands once in a while. All in all, the high-quality sex toys for men are a true blessing for guys everywhere.

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Here’s how to use an auto-masturbator.

Check the instructions carefully

Just like with any new piece of equipment, it’s important to check the manual first and see how the device works. The same applies to these male sex toys. They’re electronic devices, so you don’t want to mess with them. There’s no need to rush things. Just relax and take your time reading the manual. The fun part can wait a couple of minutes.

Assemble your toy

Another important thing to keep in mind before you slip your dong inside the toy is adjusting all the settings. The manufacturers always leave all options open for users, so you should make sure that the suction and vibration levels are how you like them to be.

You’ll find all the necessary details inside the manual, so there’s no need to worry about finding that optimal setting. Most toys are pretty easy to use, meaning that assembling your toy won’t be rocket science. They’re made for laypeople just like you. So take your time and prepare everything beforehand.

Use a good-quality lubricant

Although automatic male masturbators are body-safe, you should still use lube. Of course, we’d go for water-based lubrication, but you can apply any kind that’s suitable for your very own toy. See if the manual says anything about it. Usually, you can use oil or water-based, but be sure to check that out.

Constant thrusting can cause serious damage to your foreskin if it gets dry during the process. Since it’s only a toy and doesn’t have body fluids like your girl, you should always grease up your monkey and the toy beforehand. Not only will you reduce friction, but you’ll add to the overall experience, making it feel more real than actual intercourse.

Let the masturbator do its job

Once you check the previous three tasks, you’ll be ready to finally enjoy the toy. Still, you should remember not to mess with the masturbator while it does its thing. So don’t move it around, trying to shake things up a bit. The toy will do all the work hands-free.

Just place your limbs anywhere you want, relax, and enjoy the moment. In case your masturbator has a suction cup, you can place it on any surface you like and enjoy all sorts of standing or lying positions. Close your eyes and imagine the girl of your dreams because your toy will replicate the exact way she’d fuck your brains out.

Does it require special maintenance?

Seeing how masturbators are electronic devices, the first thing you need to keep intact is the power supply. Since they use batteries, you should make sure they’re full and ready for a whole session. After all, you don’t want your toy to stop midway through, do you? There’s nothing worse than that. Also, it definitely helps if you purchase your auto masturbators from reputable stores like lovegasm. We always get good feedback about them, and we cannot recommend them enough.

To keep your masturbator in mint condition, you should make sure to clean it after every use. Most, if not all, can be washed with water, so don’t hesitate to get your hands wet once your dick gets flaccid. Otherwise, you can end up with a nasty infection if you leave the body fluids to dry. There’s nothing worse than a smelly penis, and you sure don’t want to do the same to your brand-new toy.