Day-To-Day Differences: Normal Lifestyle vs Male Chastity Lifestyle

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This Gadget is an antonym replica of the chastity belts that were used in the middle Ages to keep faithful to the wives of the knights who marched to the crusades.

What the story does not say is that not all men were going to fight, since the clerics and those of the Holy Inquisition were not going to war and neither was the blacksmith, who stayed behind as the locksmiths do now 24 hours.

These belts were closed with a key from which the blacksmith made another copy, leaving one in the hands of the husband and the other in the hands of the priest, who had the obligation to open the belt if the husband died in the war or did not return before four years.

Outside the middle Ages or the Renaissance, the truth and clear is that such a device undermined women, in times where chauvinism prevailed and women were relegated to the background and most lacked voice and vote. This article has provided a woman’s perspective regarding male chastity devices, click here to read.

Now they run other times and can no longer be considered heretics, but obviously the chastity cage for the penis is used only to start the laughter on the day of the bachelor party, although it really closes with a lock whose key should keep the bride until the return of the groom the next day. But now the male chastity lifestyle is completely changed.

This curious instrument costs little more than eight dollars and to buy it you do not need the inquisitor card. Just look for the chastity belt for men and in a few days we can lock the bird.

How to place the chastity belt for your erotic games

Of course nothing to do with that medieval belt, uncomfortable and unhygienic. The truth is that seeing it from the 21st century the age-measured chastity belt was a real barbarity. It has nothing to do with the uses of today that are designed for sexual enjoyment.

The first thing we want to tell you is that you will not have any difficulty placing them especially because today they are made of a single piece and most of the time stainless steel. Of course, complying with all the rules so that no one gets hurt, as is mandatory in BDSM relationships.

As an example, take a look at this chastity belt for men, the CB 600. This is one of the most used and easy to put on. It is also called a chastity cage or penis cage. But the most important thing is that you choose that model in which you are comfortable. This is how BDSM is enjoyed.

It is much better than before putting it on or placing it, take care to lubricate the inside of the device. This way your introduction will be much easier.

There are many models of belts. All manufacturers usually enter the instructions necessary for its correct placement. But, as mentioned, you will not have any problem to do it due to the way in which they are manufactured. And if you have any questions, just contact your provider. They will be happy to assist you and, as always, with maximum discretion.

Chastity Belt, but with Consensus

The chastity belt is a device widely used in all kinds of sexual games. Some couples even use it while swinging. But in this case and in many others such as, for example, penis rings, bondage wives, ropes or collars, consensus is required for its use.That is, both master and submissive, in their relations of domination and submission, must agree on their use. The Bondage is designed for fun. It is based on the adoption of a role, as if it were actors and never have sexual intercourse without the consent of the other.

Before starting any kind of relationship you have to talk with the couple and establish some limits. You should never get to the pain because otherwise the BDSM would lose its reason for being.It is very convenient to set signs to stop when one of the practitioners does not feel comfortable or has begun to feel an unpleasant pain.Do not forget. It is a tool for enjoyment, never for pain.

Cage Chastity Penis

You need it; you know perfectly well that you need it. A cage of chastity for the penis is what your partner has been looking for so long and that finally you will be able to acquire today. We have made a small compilation of the most attractive, functional and exciting chastity cages of the entire network, so you can find the one you are looking for.

Why a chastity cage for the penis, and why now?

There are so many reasons why we can punish the penis that we would spend all day enumerating each and every one of the situations in which it would deserve a punishment. However, we are going to punish the owner, not the penis, because we are convinced that, in his imagination, he has been perverse, and even more so when he has discovered that he deserves this punishment if the art of domination is included in your erotic games. Ask for more explanations? Punish him! You do not have an idea of ??how well you are going to do if you choose to enjoy the advantages of these special cages.

When you observe the different options that we recommend, you will see that there are real works of art in terms of domination and excitement. You can check with your own eyes how they would look when you apply the corrective to your partner, or who knows, just as you correct the corrective you. Anyway, do not miss any of these items, as they are one of the most careful and delicate of our entire store. Models such as those offered by the popular Asylum brand deserve a special mention, and not only because of the visual impact they generate, but also because of the great reception they have received from our customers, which ensures extreme pleasure.

All of them have been made with materials that respect the skin and the shapes of your body, so that they are not uncomfortable to carry and cannot generate distractions. Chastity cages are to be enjoyed too! That we feel that we have been imprisoned does not mean that we have to suffer extreme pains, and that is why we have only focused on offering you toys that provide pleasure, as well as a little punishment, which is why we have behaved badly. In addition, more than one includes functions that could even excite the urethra or testicles. You just have to enter and discover what they are.

Remember that all these lockthecock models should be washed once you finish playing with them, since this way you can prevent infections and these will remain in perfect condition so you can enjoy them for a long time. What do you think if we know a little more about them? Join us and discover what all of its applications are and the advantages that each of these models brings. Surely navigating and discovering all its advantages you find the one that you think will punish your partner enough.