6 Tips for Using Ben Wa Balls Safely

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In ancient days, women of royalty used to use them to exercise the pelvic and vaginal muscles in order to improve sexual response. Nowadays they are also used to awaken other points of pleasure and experience more intense and lasting orgasms. How? Find out in this note.

What are Ben wa balls?

They are eggs made of stone, which can be obsidian, jade, amethyst or quartz, among many other stones to which energetic properties are attributed. It is a millenary practice that was born in China. There, the women of royalty introduced these eggs into the vagina and made contractions, as if they were holding urine.

What is the difference with the Kegel exercises?

It is the same dynamic, but the practice is more intense and effective because you have to do more strength to lift the eggs.

Why is it said to improve the sexual response?

By means of contractions, the vaginal muscles are strengthened. In this way the sensitivity is increased and, therefore, the orgasmic capacity increases. By using the egg regularly other sensory points in the vagina can be aroused. It could be the gateway to vaginal orgasms. In addition, it should be remembered that this technique is very useful to combat urinary incontinence. These exercises are also allies for pregnant women because if they have strong muscles they will be able to go through an easier and less painful delivery.

Does it have an emotional impact?

It can help the woman reconnect with that energetic center that is the uterus and that is related to her essence, her femininity. It is an aspect that can contribute to raise self-esteem and that the woman feels more confident.

How should they be used?

You have to wash it well with soap and water to avoid infections. If it is very cold, it is convenient to heat it by submerging it in a bowl with warm water. Once it is introduced, it is necessary to insert contractions and relaxations, consecutively, to feel how the egg rises and falls. At the beginning, it is suggested to do some exercises and then remove it. With experience, you can increase the time. Anyway, it is not a very common practice and, some, may have the fantasy that they cannot get the egg easily and therefore be exposed to others. Anyway, some eggs come with a small hole from which you can put a thread that will allow you to extract it more easily. If you feel that the ben wa balls are falling out then take help from your partner and insert it properly. If you still have no idea on how to use them, please read this article.

Can it be used at any time?

Yes, except during menstruation, which is a time when it is better for the vagina to be relaxed; or if you are suffering from a vaginal infection? Ben wa balls have become a toy that you can use during sex to improve your sexual pleasure. Check out what they are, how they are used and everything you need to know to achieve the most intense orgasm.

Ben wa balls are semiprecious mineral stones that of course have the shape of an oval to better accommodate your vagina, have two holes in the bottom and top with a lens.

Ben wa balls to improve your sexual pleasure

It’s about using them as love balls, so you need to introduce the egg into your vagina with the only condition that you put a silk thread in the holes you have, so that when you have reached orgasm or you have decided to finish, you can remove it more easily and without complications.

To use the jade egg it is important that it is washed thoroughly with water and neutral soap to remove any bacteria, before and after using it; you can add a little lubricant in the widest part of the egg so you can have an experience full of pleasure and without discomfort.

It is necessary that you are relaxed and that you use it while doing some Kegel exercises so that you can contract the muscles of your vagina and your sexual pleasure can improve. Use it only if you feel comfortable, so you will have an explosive moment with yourself.

These eggs have the power to intensify and improve your sexual pleasure because their size can make the muscles in your area more flexible and tone them. So it can be a good choice in your sexual health.

Using Ben wa balls with Kegel Exercise

There are several exercises that can be done with ben wa balls to enjoy more intense orgasm and also to improve vaginal health. So if you want to own one, head over to loveballs.co.

Exercise 1

Rhythmically tense and relax muscles by applying maximum effort without stopping in any position. Enough to start the ten to fifteen repetitions, increasing elasticity must be brought up to one hundred. If it is too difficult to make at least fifty then increase it slowly. On the day you need to do two, and preferably three approaches with equal intervals.

Exercise 2

Slowly tighten your muscles and hold for a few seconds, slowly relax, repeat. To start enough you need to take three-second intervals but after the time necessary to bring the tension and rest to twenty seconds. It is unlikely that each house metronome save children’s Counting: and again, and two, and three, and up to the stop. Perform at least ten repetitions, bringing to fifty, at least two approaches in the day. You can take turns doing rhythmic cycles and prolonged exercise, or mixed as a pull.

Exercise 3

Start slowly stretch the muscles, pause for a few seconds, tighten a little harder, stay, tighten even more, stay. Also relaxes in stages with delays as strained. The ideal plan is to divide the muscle tension for five – six intervals until it reaches the peak, as well as weakening. Ten repetitions in the two approaches will be enough.

Exercise rather complex, it should develop after the previous two, and after some time to carry out the whole complex in a random order. Subtleties of Kegel exercises are for the brave and sensual. The effect of the complex is achieved with regular performance, but do not expect results sooner than six weeks, this “stop” pill pressure at the time of pick up, and at the same time, and the heart of ruin, and the muscles built up gradually. Performing complex should follow a few rules in order to train the necessary muscle, rather than around the surrounding surface. Breath is the voltage on the breath, relaxing as you exhale oxygen deeply, so that the blood is full and feed the muscles, lack of oxygen will reduce all efforts to nothing.