3 Unique Ways You Can Use Anal Beads

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People often ask,what do anal beads feel like?The feeling is very special. The balls should be quite big and heavy, preferably made of metal, because then you can cool them do not cool below 5°C, which increases the feeling!

Inserting the balls is quite normal there’s nothing big to say, but as soon as the balls are inside, the weight of the balls is already noticeable as they press on the sphincter from the inside. In addition, the shape of the balls is unusual for the sphincter, because it is not stretched, but always remains tight. The best is when the balls are pulled out very slowly; this can also be used very well as foreplay. The massive balls are pulled back on the ‘Rückholleine’, if I may call it that, slowly out of the rectum. The sphincter muscle is pressed on slowly from the inside, while the other balls press against the prostate, very intense, very pleasant, and very cool! The moment of maximum excitement is reached when the ball is directly in half, consequently with the total diameter in the sphincter, because on the one hand, the balls inside pull the first back in and on the other hand pushes the sphincter the ball when the maximum diameter exceeds the ball abruptly out , where the inside bumps against the sphincter again.

Depending on how many balls are mounted on the chain, the whole game can now be repeated, or you push the single ball back in, but I recommend to take several balls, about three to four, material is the best metal, that also works It is easiest to clean it again, diameter about 4.5 to 5 cm with a weight of about 100 g per ball.

Another recommendation, if you are close to orgasm, you should very slowly pull one of the balls out, nice and slow, the hottest feeling, a much more intense orgasm you get when you come and the ball just ‘out’, because in at the same moment of orgasm, your sphincter contract.

Signed for both women and men can use this in preparation for sexual intercourse to achieve maximum sexual arousal, as well as to stimulate the erogenous zones of the anus during sexual contact. Balls are inserted before, during or after closeness, depending on individual desires and needs.

Anal beads

The anal stimulator is made in the form of balls on a rigid or flexible coupling and is designed to stimulate the area of the anus with or without intercourse. Usually we recommend taking stimulants on a rigid coupling, which simplifies the care of the beads. The product can have a fairly solid base, a ridge, which makes it possible to fix the toy in a comfortable position. Practiced various use of anal beads. The bead balls are slowly, one by one inserted into the anus, and then sharply or gradually pulled out. Extraction brings the greatest pleasure at the time of orgasm.

Anal fir trees

Sex – a toy designed to stimulate the anal zone. It is a pyramid of balls of different diameters in length from 13 to 16 cm. The diameter of the upper ball varies from 1 to 1.5 cm, the diameter of the base is from 1.5 to 2.5 cm. There are anal trees to prepare for fisting, in which the maximum The ball’s diameter reaches 10 cm. The shape of the Christmas tree will allow you to get used to the constant contraction and relaxation of the sphincter muscles during frictional movements. In addition, a gradual increase in the diameter of the balls contributes to the adaptation of the anal zone to stimulation.

Anal chains with clitoral stimulation

For many women, additional clitoral stimulation is needed to enjoy anal contact. Caressing the clitoris helps newbie of anal sex to relax and distract from possible unpleasant and painful sensations. Anal chains are beads, at the end of which a vibrator is located to stimulate the clitoral region.

Double vibrator

This product is intended for simultaneous vaginal and anal exposure. It is a vibrator for double stimulation, consisting of the anal process and vaginal dildo. The anal part is represented by balls on a rigid coupling or a thin dildo. The vaginal process is made in the form of a medium sized dildo. The vibrator is usually built into the base of a double massager. In addition to the main function (vibration), some models are equipped with an additional mechanism that provides rotation (rotation). Rotation has a more intense effect on the walls of the vagina and anus. Refinery29 has an article on how to use vibrators and make your orgasms much stronger and you can look it up here.

Curved vibrators

These vibrators are designed to stimulate the anal zone and, most importantly, the male prostate gland. Have a special curved shape that allows you to act locally on the prostate. The use of these vibrators is very useful for the male urogenital system, as the massage of the prostate improves blood circulation in the pelvic area. And this, in turn, contributes to the normal functioning of the prostate gland.

Why use anal gadgets?

First, they can be used as a simulator for couples, just starting to engage in anal sex. The plug is inserted into the anus before the intended sexual intercourse. As a rule, the dimensions of the sphincter allow anal sex to be done without pain. But during psychological stress associated with the first attempts at anal contact, the muscles of the anus instinctively contract, making it difficult or painful for the penis to penetrate. Plug will allow you to get used to the feeling of the presence in the anus of a “foreign” object, to eliminate the feelings of uncomfortable “fullness” and “calm” the muscles of the anus.

Anal plug woman (or man) is introduced personally in a comfortable position and, as a rule, completely painless. After some time, the muscles of the anus relax, and the introduction of the male genital organ or anal stimulants is much calmer and almost painless especially recommended in this case, anal toys with vibration. LovePlugs greatly speeds up the process of addiction and relaxes the muscles of the anus.

Secondly, anal training can be practiced not only immediately before sexual intercourse, but also in everyday life, at work, in transport, etc. With constant use for two to three weeks, this training almost 100% eliminates unpleasant pain with anal sex.

Third, anal plugs use couples during vaginal sex, when a woman has for some reason (age or recent birth) increased vaginal size. Using the device contributes to increased sensitivity during intercourse due to rapprochement (contact) in a woman of the walls of the anus and vagina.

Fourth, stimulants are used during sex to influence the erogenous zones of the anal area, both in women and men.