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“As a guy, I thought I should be better at this than I was.  Did you ever feel alone but you weren’t alone?  Thats how I felt in my marriage.  I couldn’t reach her.  I couldn’t do anything right.  It seemed that my very presence upset her.  So I started to pull back.  Which of course only made matters worse.  I sent my wife the link to your website and said: why not?  At first she said no – but eventually we agreed and it really helped.  For the first time in a long time I started to feel like we were in this thing together.  I had no idea how I had hurt her or pushed her away – and the solutions you taught us were so simple!  Consistency was the hard part, of course.  But the difference in our marriage between then and now – it’s night and day.”

-John and Marie

“I came to this process due to an ultimatum. My wife said either we tried swinging or she was going to leave. At the time, I really didn’t think there was anything that could be done to help us. I wasn’t even sure I loved her anymore and I thought she was going to be angry with me forever. So I was pretty surprised when things started getting better. Not at first – at first it almost got worse. But eventually, I started to…hope. To see that we didn’t have to live like that anymore. I began to see how I contributed to the hurt and the resentment. I liked that the group treated us equally. It wasn’t all my fault and it wasn’t all Lucy’s fault – but we both had done things that needed to be fixed. I guess marriage doesn’t come with an instructional manuel. But now we both are able to satisfy our sexual needs through the swingers community.”

-Mike and Lucy

“We just want to thank you for saving our marriage. I know you always say that it’s not you, that it is us that have to put in the work and make the changes – but without your help we would have both lost the loves of our lives – and that would have been tragic.”

-Nancy and Jim

“After 10 years of marriage, my husband and I came to a place of “blah”. We weren’t unhappy – but we certainly weren’t happy either. Life has a way of beating you down and it certainly had taken it’s toll on us. One day I asked myself: “Is this it? Is this all I can expect?” and then I thought: “What if we could make it better?” I began looking for a group of swingers and I came across this site. It sounded interesting and I liked the approach of having to enjoy the sexual pleasures with other swinging couples. The convenience was the real selling point. I skype with my friends all the time – and our schedules really prevented us from meeting with each other. I have to say that in only a few sessions, my husband and I began looking at each other a little differently. There was a spark there that had been absent for quite a while. We did the techniques and readings and soon the “aloneness” that we shared was replaced by a togetherness. I suddenly felt like I had someone in my life that “had my back”. Like I said – our marriage wasn’t bad to begin with, but now it’s something that I treasure.”

-Marge and Tim